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Fédération sportive pour le sport d'obstacles

Obstacle Course Racing Association Benelux

OCRA Benelux est une fédération sportive qui a pour objectif de promouvoir et de réguler Obstacle Course Racing dans les pays Benelux.
- Une association avec des membres
- Non-commercialisée
- indépendante

- 5 membres du conseil
- Coordonnateurs avec l’expérience et le savoir spécifique
- membres
- fondateurs

Vision et mission:
Nous voulons positionner Obstacle Course Racing comme sport assuré qui fait du plaisir.
- Favoriser et conforter Obstacle Course Racing dans les pays Benelux;
- Favoriser la sécurité et fixer des règles de bases de Obstacle Course Racing.
- Se charger et organiser ou superviser les programmes d’entraînements et les activités (entraînements).
- Direction et organisation des compétitions et la guidance des participants (comme préparation à ceci).
- Encouragement des fondateurs.
- Identification d’ Obstacle Course Racing au NOC*NSF (PaYs-Bas), au BOIC (Belgique) et au COSL (Luxembourg).

- Sincerité
- Honnêteté
- Coopération.

Members benefits:
- Accident and liability insurance
- Discounts
- More attention to safety at events
- Attention to event guidance

Additional benefits for race athlete members:
- Educated OCR officials
- Plain ground rules
- Training programs
- Centralised management and direction of championships and competition
- Professional support in preparation for events

Benefits for race organizations:
- Advice on safety
- Advice on competition elements
- Provide volunteer training
- Availability of experienced OCR officials
- A platform to contribute ideas for the development of the obstacle sport
- Communication about championships and competition

Alliance of European OCR Associations

The Alliance of European OCR associations is a union of European governing bodies for obstacle course racing (OCR).

The alliance originally was set up for the purpose of administering the European championships for obstacle racing.
The alliance is commited to promote and regulate (the exercise of) Obstacle Course Racing and to achieve uniform rules and standards for our sport.


The membership fee is 24 euros per year.

As a member of OCRA Benelux you are insured during obstacle runs both domestically and abroad and during training for obstacle runs. Membership is more than just insurance and discounts at more than 2,500 partners. As the national governing body we represent individual obstacle runners in the field of safety, regulations and their interests at race organisations. This includes umbrella sport organisations and governmental authorities. The association is committed to the promotion and professionalization of our sport, leading negotiate with (local) authorities to create more OCR specific training locations. We hope that everyone who loves the sport will support us, as an independent and overarching sports association, by becoming a member.

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OCRA Benelux is dedicated to promoting safety and setting minimum standards within Obstacle Course Racing.

Before local authorities issue permits for obstacle course events, often a technical inspection of the various obstacles is needed to ensure safety.
As an independent Association for obstacle course racing we have the expertise for such safety inspections.
Our experts have been working in the field of outdoor and leisure events for many years and have a wealth of experience in both obstacle running and survival running.
They are familiar with all applicable NEN standards and the guidelines of SBN, VEBON and RECRON.
They will also apply the Nibra developed "Safety guidance for public events", tensile and break strength of wood and rope materials, The L3G 06.05.C.07 - Scaffold Building Regulations, the timber data sheet of the control section softwood and hardwood of the Royal VVNH and Delft University of Technology.
They will make recommendations on barrier taping, perceived temperature and traffic safety.
The results of inspections and related recommendations will be discussed directly on the day.
After the inspection, our experts will draw up a clear and transparent inspection report in which recommendations for any repair, replacement or modification will be given.
No soil, water samples or measurements will be taken.
Obstacles and course inspections will be carried out according to rules and regulations, but do not replace the obligations concerning licenses and insurance etc. Neither will an inspection take away all the risks (on an inspected course accidents can still happen), Inspections will only lead to recommendations.
Dutch 8 o'clock news - about: OCRA Benelux Course Safety checks - april 23, 2016.

The insurances of the OCRA BENELUX

Quite often insurance companies refuse to pay after a sport injury. The argument usually states: "extreme sport" If the insurance does not pay after a sports accident, the consequences could be disastrous. Physical disabilities as a result of a sports accident can cause huge financial uncertainties.

Some insurance companies make practical distinctions between absolute and relative sport risks. Sports as motocross, Downhill Mountain biking, skateboarding at a competitive level or boxing are classified as absolute recklessness. However the companies concerned, emphasize that such lists are only examples. These are not exclusive lists.

The OCRA Benelux has taken out a collective accident and liability insurance for its members through the sports cooperation NKS.
The insurance coverage is through Meeùs The Hague.

Both insurances offer secondary coverage. This means that if there is another insurance that you can make a claim to (e.g. a private insurance of the causer of the damage), you must report it there first. Only if this policy does not provide cover, or if there are costs that are not reimbursed by this insurance, and if our insured is legally liable for the (injury) damage, only then the damage is eligible for reimbursement by the insurance of the OCRA BENELUX.

The accident insurance of OCRA BENELUX compensates damage in the event of permanent disability or decease. The regulatory own risk is not eligible for reimbursement.

The liability insurance of the OCRA BENELUX covers with liability. Sports and games have a special position within the liability law. Some matters are considered unduly outside of sports but are often not within sports. Unfortunately, the probability that an athlete incurs an injury during an event or training, is always present. Damages incurred during sports therefore usually do not lead to liability of a fellow athlete. On this the court has made several rulings, which concluded that in sports a harmful act is considered often less unlawful. These rulings now provide guidance for the assessment of liability.

Collective accident insurance:

The insurance covers permanent disability or decease while participating in events / competitions within the field of OCRA Benelux. (Obstacle Course Racing). There is also cover if a participant is preparing/training for an event/competition. For this coverage there must be a causal link between the activity/game and preparing/training for obstacle course racing.

Liability insurance.

The insured under the policy are among others the organization (OCRA Benelux) and the individual members of the organization. There is cover on the policy if such persons are responsible for damage to third parties.

What is OCR

OCR is currently the fastest growing sport in the world!

OCR stands for "Obstacle Course Racing" and is better known to the general public as "obstacle running"

"Obstacle Course Racing is a running event where the participants encounter various obstacles along the way.
Often, the route goes through nature and on their way participants meet mud and water.
Examples of obstacles are wooden walls, crawling under barbed wire, swimming through ditches, jumping over fire, climbing on rope nets and sometimes even get shocked by electricity.
The goal is to encourage participants to find and push their physical and psychological limits.


Who invented this slightly sadistic sport and why on earth di they do it!

The first real Obstacle Course Race took place in England in 1987, where the British soldier Billy Wilson (using the pseudonym "Mr Mouse") conceived a 10-mile-long obstacle course with mud pools, ditches and military exercises for his event Tough Guy.

Harvard student Will Dean trained at that time for triathlon and marathon, but as he found this training boring. Tough Guy was an ideal solution!

Dean saw the international opportunities for this type of event and wrote a research paper on Tough Guy at Harvard.
Once back in the U.S.A. Dean organized Tough Mudder, an Obstacle Course Race of about 20km with 4,500 participants. Today Tough Mudder is one of the largest Obstacle Course Races of the world.


Helen van der Corput

Treasurer & legal affairs

Shared acting chairman

helen @

Michel de Jong

Board member & media affairs

Shared acting chairman

michel @

Sebastiaan Munter

Board member & sports development

sebastiaan @

Drewes Tebbes

Board member International affairs

ad interim

drewes @

Tijmen Leurs

Board member Secretariat

ad interim

tijmen @


Benjamin Meeuse

Health & safety coordinator

benjamin @

Pieter Themmen

Health & safety coordinator

pieter @

Maarten Swart

Training coordinator

maarten @

John van Wilgen

Officials & arbitration coordinator

John @

Susanne Ulrich

Member administration coordinator

susanne @

Egbert de Rouville

OCR league coordinator

egbert @

Nancy Keller

Account manager French speaking region

nancy @

Mark van Truien

Account manager

mark @


Account manager

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Account manager

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Partner associations

Obstacle Course Racing Association UK

Obstacle Course Racing Association Czech Republic

Asociacion de las pruebas de obstaculos España

Danish Obstacle Course Racing Association

Association Francaise de courses a obstacles

Obstacle Course Racing Association for Germany, Austria and switzerland

Obstacle Course Racing Association Ireland

Federazione Italiana Obstacle Course Race

Obstacle Course Racing Association for Australia and New Zealand

Malaysia Obstacle Racing Sports Association

Commercial Partners

Partner organisations

Via membership of NKS we are affiliated to NOC*NSF
(associated member)

Independent global championship for the burgeoning sport of Obstacle Course Racing

Concerning Obstacle Course racing with disabilities, OCRA Benelux has partnered with Team No Limits.

THE news website for the Benelux
for obstacle running and OCR

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OCR with a disability

Buddy free system

Concerning Obstacle Course racing with disabilities, OCRA Benelux has partnered with Team No Limits.
Stay tuned for more news about the buddy free system.

Competition wave under the supervision of the association and its officials

Besides recreational obstacle running more and more organizations also start a competition wave under the supervision of the association and its officials.
Organizing competition waves contributes to and stimulates the development of our sport.

The results of these competitive races under the supervision of the OCRA Benelux are also included in the Benelux league.

Finally, with your results from some of the official OCRA competiton races you can earn a qualification for the European championship.
Eventstart waveOCREC Qualifier
Strong Viking OCR SeriesYes
Battle of Maestrichtcompetitie waveYes
Mud and Water ChallengeWave A - Competitie waveYes
Fisherman's Friend StrongmanrunCompetitor waveYes
Muscle runcompetitie waveYes
Hang-on RunObstacle run wedstrijd groepNo
Breakout runWedstrijdvakYes

Officials & Rulebook

OCR Official

At races which are recognized by the association, OCRA officials will be deployed. these races results will then be included in the League ranking and are possible qualifying races for national and international championships.

An OCR Official is one of the referees/adjudicators at a race, he/she checks if competition runners complete the course and all obstacles in accordance with the regulations of the OCRA Benelux.
The OCR Official is expected to have sufficient knowledge of all applicable rules and regulations.

They lead, show initiative and behave as skilled professionals who direct and control. They are therefore aware of all the relevant information to give an informed judgment and evidence/reason to uphold their decision.

Components of the training include:

• Competition rules
• Basic knowledge referee
• What is right and what is wrong
• Dealing with resistance/aggression
• Quick & objective decisions
• Practice through role play

The OCRA Benelux believes it is important that you gain experience through real application. The practical assignment for the training is therefore a practice day at an Obstacle run in the Benelux.

Conditions for participation;
At admittance at the OCR Official training candidates should:

• Be at least 18 years of age
• Have affinity with Obstacle Course Racing
• Be or become a member of OCRA Benelux
• Available as official at least twice per half year


For the training charges are applicable, which the association must pay to "Survival Academy".
You do not have to pay these, but we then expect to deploy you as an OCR official at least 3 times in the 12 months following training.
For this, we will ask you to fill out an agreement.


We strive to ensure that if you are deployed as an official, you will receive a free starting ticket to run after the last wave or on another day.
Arrangements about this are made per event, so information on this will follow.

Questions & Contact

If you want to participate or receive more information you can always contact the OCRA Benelux, Coordinator of training & Education by e-mailing


The Obstacle Course Association Benelux has set and published a rulebook to benefit the sport and to provide guidelines for competitions and championships.
It is allowed for organizations of Obstacle Course Racing events within the Benelux to refer to these rules as the rules for their event (however copying these rules is not allowed).

Keep in mind as a participant in an OCR event that the event organizers may impose additional and different rules, so always be aware of the rules of the event (via the organization's website).

Click on the image to download the rulebook.

For the english version you can use the European championships rulebook, which is in general the same for race athletes. - Rulebook European Championships 2016

OCR League

Briefly, the OCR Benelux League is a competition between the fastest obstacle runners within the Benelux, but not only the fastest runners.
All members will earn points if they participate in the per run mentioned startwave.
So, you don't have to be a top runner to earn points for the OCR League ranking, It can become one of your personal goals to improve your position at the eague ranking.

Each year is divided in two seasons:

- pre-summer season (first 6 months of the year)
- after-summer season (last 6 months of the year)

Here you will find the details and ranking:

Any member can earn points, if you participate in the correct start wave. The bigger and tougher a run, the more bonus points you can earn.

How are the points calculated?

Your percentage in the results determines how many points you earn. Are you top 5% then you get 95 points, you're top 10% then you get 90 points, you're top 50% then you get 50 points and so on. Your best three results count.

Bonus points

If you're a top 10 finisher you will earn extra points

1st place: 50 points
2nd place: 45 points
3rd place: 40 points
4th till 10th place: each position 5 points less.

The rules

Answers to frequently asked questions;

Do the events check if you skip an obstacle?

Yes, we will only take in events which work with OCRA Benelux officials.

Do the events work with timing chips?

All participating runs in the OCR League Benelux will have time registration.

If the winner does not participate in the league and I'm second, Wiil I get points for the first place?

No, that would not be fair. You will get the points for second place because you're second.

Will I automatically participate?

Yes, from the moment you're a member, you automatically earn points in the league.

Do I gain points when I finish without the bracelet?

Yes, All finishers without bracelet will be in the ranking behind the finishers with bracelet and wil be awarded the points for this ranking position.

I do not see my points in the ranking?

We work with the names as mentioned in the race results. (Cannot find your results? mail us at


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