Welcome to OCRA Benelux

Obstacle Course Racing Association Benelux
(“OCRA Benelux”)

OCRA Benelux is a sports association with the purpose to promote and regulate (the exercise of) Obstacle Course Racing within the Benelux.
- An association with members;
- Non commercial;
- Independent

- 5 board members;
- Coordinators: members with specific knowledge and experience;
- Members;
- Benefactors;

Vision and mission:
We want to position Obstacle Course Racing as a fun and safe sport.
- Promote and support the Obstacle Course Racing within the Benelux;
- Promoting the safety and putting minimum standards and ground rules within the Obstacle Course Racing.
- The care and organizing or supervising the organization of training programs and (training) activities;
- Managing and directing championships and competitions, as well as the guidance of participants (in preparation for this).
- Attracting benefactors;
- Recognition of Obstacle Course Racing at the NOC*NSF (Netherlands), the BOIC (Belgium) and the COSL (Luxembourg).

- Openness
- Honesty;
- Cooperation.

Members benefits:
- Accident and liability insurance;
- Discounts;
- More attention to safety at events;
- Attention to guidance at events;

Additional benefits for race athlete members:
- Educated OCR officials;
- Plain ground rules;
- Training programs;
- Benefits of managing and directing championships and competition from 1 point;
- Support on preparation towards events;

Benefits for race organizations:
- Advice on safety;
- Advice on competition elements;
- Provide training for volunteers;
- Availability of a pool of OCR officials;
- Platform to contribute ideas for the development of Obstacle Course Racing;
- Communication about championships and competition.

Board members

Michel de Jong

Chairman / PR, Communication

Michel (Mitchel) de Jong
mitchel @ ocra-benelux.org

Bas Smit

Board member / Spokesman and partner contacts

Bas Smit
bas @ ocra-benelux.org

Helen van der Corput

Secretary / legal Affairs

Helen van der Corput
helen @ ocra-benelux.org


Bastiaan Bloem

Coordination Membership administration, communication and Secretariat

Bastiaan Bloem
bastiaan @ ocra-benelux.org

Jan Willem Hengeveld

Coordination Membership administration, communication and Secretariat

Jan Willem Hengeveld
janwillem @ ocra-benelux.org

Benjamin Meeuse

Coordination Health and safety

Benjamin Meeuse
benjamin @ ocra-benelux.org

Pieter Themmen

Coordination Health and safety

Pieter Themmen
pieter @ ocra-benelux.org

Johan van Bavel

Coordination Training and education

Johan van Bavel
Johan @ ocra-benelux.org

John van Wilgen

Coordination Officials and arbitration

John van Wilgen
John @ ocra-benelux.org

Mirek Peka

Coordination Competition and Championships

Mirek Peka
mirek @ ocra-benelux.org


Jim Malinka

Advisor to the board and Ambassador Benelux

Jim Malinka
jim @ ocra-benelux.org

Steven Haelterman

Advisor sport affaires and Ambassador Belgium

Steven Haelterman
steven @ ocra-benelux.org

Nancy Keller

Ambassador Luxembourg

Nancy Keller
nancy @ ocra-benelux.org

Board resignation schedule

A board member is appointed for a period of three (3) years and will resign no later than at the first general membership meeting after this period. A board member is immediately available for reelection, on the understanding that re-election is possible for no more than two times. The board will draw up and publish a resignation schedule:

General membership meeting every year in February; first upcoming in February 2016.

Resignation schedule and election

2016 and every three years later: board member A + board member B
2017 and every three years later: board member C + board member D
2018 and every three years later: board member E

OCR with a disability


Membership will cost 24 euros per year.
Offer for membership in 2015 + 2016 for 30 euros

Representation of your interests and commitment to development of the OCR sport

All members shall be insured by the Association for
- accident insurance
- liability insurance

All members receive a membership card on presentation of this card you will get discounts at many local shops and businesses and at over 2500 online shops.



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